A Stillness Made From Speed

60 minutes
For six players, electronics and video
Matt Wright – concept and music
Mark Dingli – film

“Wright’s own recent music offers a more encouraging perspective on the impact of new technologies by focusing in on the space where post-minimalism meets the DJ coming head-on in the other direction. His composition, A Stillness Made From Speed, completed in 2003, is, like so much earlier minimalist compositions, obsessed with shifting tempi and unfolding bass lines that wreak havoc with the listener’s sense of motion – in multiple senses. Scored for an ensemble and processed recordings of sampled keyboard sounds, this music is underpinned by slow harmonic progressions but constantly characterised by multiple perspectives built around these.

[…] If Wright’s unforced mix of aesthetics and techniques drawn from across a wide range of musical developments is typical of the best of what younger composers are doing now (and I think it has, for example, certain attitudes in common with the “totalists”), then it also demonstrates that some of the best aspects of good, old-fashioned minimalism live on, appropriately transmuted in the compositions of the 21st century. “

Keith Potter, author of Four Musical Minimalists

Designed as a 21st century meditation on musical propulsion, A Stillness Made From Speed has been performed at The Royal Northern College of Music, The Royal Conservatory of the Netherlands, Kings Place, London and sold out two performances at The Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.